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The lovers of Much Ado about Nothing

Filed under: Uncategorized — Laura Callei at 1:32 am on Tuesday, September 27, 2011

For our assignment we were asked to either compare or contrast the two pairs of lover’s Claudio/Hero and Beatrice/Benedick. I think that for me I can see more of a contrast from the pair of lovers. Claudio and Hero seem to be more open about their love; they don’t hide it or wish for others to not see it. In contrast, Beatrice and Benedick are unable to open up to the idea of love. They know they are both in love with each other but wish to keep it to themselves and not express it to each other or anyone. This is the major difference that I see between the pair of lovers. Another difference I noticed was that even after Beatrice and Benedick express their love for eachother they still deny it, at least for a little, in a silly banter at the end of the movie. Claudio and Hero are seemingly more ‘mushy’ even after the whole death/ressurrection of Hero.

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